Finally, we have decided to start the website for "Amai" - a 3D platformer game that tells a simple story - the story of a young wolf cub on a quest to find his mother and help her.

But this is not an ordinary wolf story. The cub is actually a child of Mother Nature - represented in the game as a big white wolf. The one that gives life and takes it. The one that can be so beautiful but at the same time unforgiving.

The idea was born from the collision between her and the humanity in our days. We were also inspired by titles like "Journey" and "Abzu". The way they manage to tell a story without dialogue is simply magical. 

Of course, we are not a big team of professionals and for sure we are not the most talented game designers in the world. We just had an idea and decided to turn it into reality. During the upcoming weeks we will post regularly on the site. You will be able to read about the development process, our ideas, plans and more. If you want to make sure you are not going to miss anything, sign for our newsletter on the Home page. Thank you and I wish you an amazing week!