Hello everyone! I’m Irene - the composer behind the music of "Amai". I was so honored to have given the opportunity to be part of such a beautifully illustrated game that has a great underlining story behind the game’s context. When I first saw the game’s concept, I was such in awe with the visuals and knew that I really wanted to write the music for "Amai". I sort of envisioned the type of musical style in my head and starting coming up with fragments of ideas. I wanted the game to have an overall distinct sound quality for each level of the game and played around with Native Instrument’s Massive.

I am a huge fan of the music from the game "FEZ", and was told that some of the music compositions are composed using Massive. I decided to give this a go and came up with several unique, spiritual, and atmospheric synth sounds that I think fit really nicely with "Amai". I didn’t dive too much into Massive’s interface, and pretty much stuck with one clean oscillator sound, a slight filtered frequency spectrum, some reverb, release. I then put the focus on the attack speed, making sure it was just right; not too much, not too little. Massive is a great tool for Composers and Sound Designers. It’s such a creative platform to use where you can make some surprising sounds.  However, don’t only limit yourself to Massive’s interface. Play around with other external effects. *Note: delay is a godsend*. Don’t be afraid to use your witchcraft and sorcery.