Planned Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux,

Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox

Release: Q4 2018 for PC

Q1 2019 for Consoles

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"Amai" is a 3D puzzle-platformer, inspired by the collision between humanity and nature in modern times. The game follows the story of a young wolf cub on a quest to find his mother. 

The gameplay combines smooth platforming, challenging puzzles, exploration and a ton of side activities for the player to do. All that is accompanied by beautifully crafted environments, quality animations and more.

Exploration is something that we wanted to stimulate from the very first design meeting we had. That is why we created large areas, that let you go off the beaten path. There, you can spend time collecting artifacts, gather ability items and learn more about the secrets this world keeps. 

"We wanted to bring this idea to life for so long. The problem was that we were never technically ready to achieve this in an acceptable way"

                                                       Alexander Ulianov, Game Designer

"I want Amai to have a meaning. I want to make players question everything once they finish the game."

                                                       George Ivanov, Game Programmer