As you may already know, "Amai" is a 3D platformer. Being so, the player will spend most of his time platforming. In order to make this more exciting, we've created numerous different variations of platforms for the game. Some of them are rotating, others are rescaling themselves and many, many more. We want to surprise players with new challenges along the way, so don't rush into a new section thinking its going to be filled with the same old platform types. 

Another reason fot the players to stop and look around the environment is the exploration element. We have created larger sections in order to stimulate exploration and give players the chance to learn more about the game's lore. Finding an interesting drawing on a rock somewhere can help you to better understand the past, present and even the future of this colorful world. 

"Amai" will be released on Steam later this year, and the title will include Steam Achievements for every collector out there. This will stimulate exploration even more. Of course, if you are not that type of player, don't worry, you can just go straight to the objective and proceed with the main story.

However, the one thing you can't skip are the puzzles. If I have to be honest, when we first started working on the game, we were not thinking of adding puzzle elements at all. And look at the game now, it's almost a puzzle-platformer.   

The puzzles in "Amai" are mostly environmental. They require from you to know your surroundings, they force you to use the wolf cub's abilities and sometimes they want you to be brave. We think that by adding some puzzle elements into the game, in the end we've created a more engaging and challenging gameplay.

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